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A relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.

I changed my baby-moon a couple of times because I would not be able to travel out of the country; therefore, I decided to travel to the Chateau Elan in Georgia. But, two days before my trip, I decided to change the trip to Panama City Beach Florida. Going to Panama is a norm for us. It was our third time there. I so love it! It is beyond relaxing, the water is crystal clear, there is so much to do, and everything that you need is right on the strip or at your hotel.

I never knew what a baby-moon was until I began reading my baby app and it asked, "Did you plan your baby-moon yet?" and I questioned, " Babymoon?" Quickly, I had to do my research and it stated, "a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born." I thought that was PREFECT because our anniversary was coming up as well. Why make it a all in one. I called my doctor to make sure it was okay to travel since I am high risk. Once I got my doctors approval, I decided to go to Florida. The rest is history!

Our trip was planned at the last minute. There weren't a lot of choices of hotels left since it was so close to Spring Break. Luckily, I found an apartment on the beach www.resortcollection.com one bedroom, full kitchen, living-room, deck, and the view was amazing! The boys would of loved it. These apartments have as many as three bedrooms which is really cool if you have a big family. We definitely will bring the boys and Jorunee here next year. The complex has a poolside restaurant, a small pizza restaurant, a full bar ( I couldn't drink) and a snow cone stand by the pool for the kids. You do not have to leave this complex if you did not want to. I myself enjoyed a whole pizza to myself, just KIDDING, on the beach. We had planned to go snorkeling and also a sunset cruise but I was to afraid that something would happen. I didn't want to risk putting my baby at any risk. I knew more than likely nothing would happen but, I did not want to take any chances so, we just enjoyed watching everyone else do water sports while we rented chairs and relaxed.

If you know me, you know I'm a true foodie and so we went to some very good restaurants. I was so hurt because the one restaurant I really wanted to go to was FierFly but they were closed :( which hurt my feelings but its okay because the places I found below were just as amazing!

Saltwater Grill

This restaurant was 5 minutes from where we stayed and the inside was so nice they had a large fish aquarium, a live one man band, dimmed lights which made it real romantic and the food was AMAZING! The Lobster Rolls, OMG! They are a must try!

The best part is that they had virgin daiquiris!


Osaka was a nice hibachi and grill restaurant. It is very nice inside. The staff was very funny, The food was amazing and sushi was on point. Journee was not feeling this place so I ended up taking my whole plate home, SMH.

I did enjoy another virgin drink and theirs was the best that I had the whole weekend!

The Grand Marlin

I was extremely disappointed with this restaurant. The atmosphere was really nice and the appetizer was really good. But, I have to say the food was a NO for me. Maybe we ordered the wrong thing, I am not sure, but I was not happy at all! My drink was good, LOL. I did like how it looked on the inside and outside. It was on a nice lake.

Overall, I will not be going back unless I want some more fried lobster! LOL

I have so much more food to post! Believe it or not we did have fun doing other things on the strip. One thing I really enjoyed was www.ripleys.com We had a lot of fun at this museum. It was so hands on and so much that you can learn. I would definitely go back. We also went to a mirror maze but, I had to leave out because I got extremely light headed and could not take being closed in like that. We also went to a golf course. (PUTT PUTT) I really enjoyed playing even though I lost. It was a fun activity for us to do. We also got a little exercise by walking down the strip and looked inside some stores. Once we got tired, we grabbed some really good milkshakes from Marble Slab.

All in all, it was a much needed relaxing trip. In three more months, Journee will be joining us! We are both super excited and can not wait until she arrives. We have more trips to come for us and our family. Until next time, I pray that everyone this summer can take a trip, relax, unwind, and just enjoy life. We all deserve it!

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