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Corona Me Crazy

Everything will be OK Momma!

I know at this time all of us are pretty much over it, right? Working from home, helping kids with all their school work, taking care of babies, keeping the house clean and keeping everyone and everything sanitized. Even more so, trying not to eat up everything in the house, trying not to gain weight, and most important trying to stay sane . It is a lot on anyone! It is hard to believe that interacting with people is completely not heard of right now.

Everything is closed down and kids don’t have much to keep them entertained. When this first started, I had it all planned out . Get up early to eat breakfast. Then, I work for two hours before the boys get up. Once they get up, eat and start school work. After completion of school work, free time for the rest of the day! Now this is where the problem comes in (FREE TIME) for the rest of the day! The kids are getting bored! They come to me every 5 minutes wanting to be entertained. This is very complicated because I am trying to work and keep Journee from knocking over and crashing my laptop. I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE, THEY WANT ME TO ENTERTAIN THEM!

Honestly, I can't believe that I haven’t lost my mind by now! I was extremely happy to work from home because where I work, I was exposed to a lot of people and I did not want to expose my family to the virus. I always wanted to work from home because financial with 5 kids it just made sense but, I couldn’t even make it past day two! I was so ready to go back to my office and work. I want to get dressed up, I want to do my hair, I want to put makeup on, I want to go to a meeting and socialize with ADULTS! LOL!!! Just anything to get out of this house! The weather has been so beautiful and I can't even go sit on somebody's rooftop and drink a nice drink! Sitting outside on a roof top and a cool drink and great food is what I have been waiting for all winter long!

For the time being, I pray that everyone is safe and stays safe. We all are going through this and we’ll get through it together. I want to help some of you parents out with some ideas that you can do around the house and in the yard so your kids will have other options than watching TV and playing video games.

Keep praying that this isolation doesn’t last to much longer. So until then, we must make the best out of a hard boring crazy situation, right?


Field Trips/Tours

Zech took a trip to Mars
  1. San Diego Zoo

  2. Mars

  3. Monterey Bay Aquarium

  4. Zoo Atlanta

  5. Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam

  6. Georgia Aquarium

  7. Food Farms

  8. United States Space and Rocket Museum

  9. Discovery Education

  10. The Louvre

  11. The Great Wall of China

  12. Boston Children’s Museum

Things to do around the house or outside

  1. Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt

  2. Board Game Night

  3. Backyard Broadway: Create your own theatrical play/musical

  4. Clayton County Library System Kids Zone

  5. Play indoor hide and seek.

  6. Make decorations, curate a playlist, and throw a family dance party.

  7. Try a new cookie or cake recipe. Bonus idea: Set up a camera or smart phone and film a cooking show!

  8. Build a tree house.

  9. Go camping in the living room or in the backyard

Journee taking a stroll

  1. Plan a family garden.

  2. Make ice cream in a bag. Recipe here.

  3. Make slime. Instructions here.

  4. Set up an in-home nail salon and try some nail art techniques. Ideas here.

  5. Dress up in your best clothes and have a fancy dinner.

  6. Make friendship bracelets.

  7. Make and blow bubbles. Instructions here.

  8. Make rock candy. Instructions here.

  9. Have an indoor picnic.

  10. Listen to an audio book or podcast.

  11. Try Cosmic Kids Yoga.

  12. Make paper fidget spinners. Instructions here.

  13. Create your own bingo cards and have a bingo tournament.

  14. Start a YouTube channel

  15. Go for a walk

Scavenger Hunt around the house with King and MAK



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