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Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Brunch is ALWAYS a good idea....

Nana's Chicken and Waffles

Nana's Chicken and Waffles is to die for! SIMPLY DELICIOUS! If you are a brunch person, I would recommend coming to this restaurant. The building looks like an old waffle house; but once you go inside, it gives you a New Orleans feel. This is one of my favorite brunch restaurants. I have ten on my list and this one is number two (1).

The first time I went, I ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes as an appetizer. That was my first time trying green tomatoes. They weren't bad at all! I have never been a fan of fried tomatoes but, the cheese and the bacon all made it come together very nicely. For my entree, I had Nana's Chicken and Apple Cinnamon Waffles. When I say amazing, the waffle was so good! It was fluffy and tasted just like apples and cinnamon. The chicken was big and juicy, nothing but meat and the outside of the chicken was golden brown and crispy, OMG! Just thinking about it, makes me want to go back right now. You can't have brunch without mimosa's. They had many flavors. I can not remember the flavor I had but, I do remember it taste really good. I believe I had two of them if, I'm not mistaken!

Whatever you choose on their menu, you can't go wrong. They are located in Conyers, GA. I recommend that you make reservations before you go. Otherwise, you will be waiting. But, it is worth the wait. Next time your looking for a good brunch, try Nana's Chicken and Waffles. You will be thanking me later.



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