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Good Food is Good Mood

Loca Luna

This past weekend I had my first moms night out which turned out to be really fun. I tell you when you don't go out much, you feel like you just broke out of jail. It is such a pleasure to when you go out with friends. Just to be able to communicate with an adult for a change, instead of your kids is wonderful. I was tired and yawning soon as we got there SMH , so sad. It did feel really good though to hang out with other woman. We decided on Loca Luna. I have been there several times and I love this place more and more every time I go. Their food is so amazing! They are a Tapas restaurant , so they do not have whole meals but, every single plate that I have tried is beyond good! This particular night, I ordered Lamb Chops, The Patatas Bravas (Potatoes) and  a nice Lemon Drop which is my favorite drink.

The Authentic Paella is AMAZING . Most of the ladies had this pate saffron Spanish rice, mussels, shrimp, calamari, chicken, Spanish Chorizo, green peas in a small or large pan, simply delicious! What else makes this restaurant so much fun is that they have a live Spanish band and DJ every Saturday and they have Hips and Salsa. I highly recommend you make reservations because it gets really packed on the weekends. 

Loca-Luna is located downtown Atlanta by Piedmont Park. They have valet parking. Valet parking only requires you to tip them. You can't beat that! Nothing on their menu is more than $16. How can I forget, they have Hookah! So the next time you want to salsa and have some good food, stop by Loca-Luna. I promise you will not be disappointed. You will have a wonderful night, trust me! Click the link below to check out there website.




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