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Bon Appetit!

True Food Kitchen

I must say this place is one of my favorites, from the interior inside, to the lighting. Everything looks just right. If your looking for a healthy meal to eat and still want that flavor that we all crave, this is the place! everything to be fresh and made fresh you wont leave here disappointed at all. Make sure to make reservations and be prepared to valet park because the area where the restaurant is location is always busy.

The menu is has a great variety. It was hard to make a choice. Everything sound really good.

I started with the Roasted Brussel Sprouts, topped with Miso Sesame Vinaigrette! The sauce is what did it for me, it had a little kick (Spicy) but, it was a pleasure to my palate! For my main course, I decided on a rice bowl. If a restaurant has a rice bowl on the menu, I'm going to order it. These weren't your ordinary rice bowls. They have the Spicy Panang Curry, Dashi Ramen, Ancient Grain and Cashew Pad Thai Bowls. I had the Teriyaki Quinoa bowl. You can add meat to your bowl. They give you a choice of chicken, shrimp, or salmon. I had chicken. When I say amazing, I mean amazing! It had my favorite in it, avocados! The avocados gave it the right perfect taste.

The drinks are a whole different story. I'm so use to restaurants only having really good alcohol drinks. They have a variety of beverages that are really good that do not have any alcohol in them! I had the O.G Original Ginger drink. If your a ginger fan, you will love this beverage. Another good non-alcoholic drink is the Honey Lemonade and the Pomegranate Chi Limeade. Pick any of these drinks, trust me you will be asking for a refill before you even get your dinner! LOL

If your looking for a GREAT tasting, healthy food place to eat that also has a nice relaxing atmosphere. True Food Kitchen is your place. They also have outside dinning. This restaurant is great for date night, girls night, or even just lunch with the family and kids.

True Food Kitchen is the place to go and remember I told you so.

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