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God Knew I needed You...

The Birth Story Of Journee Sage

Since day one, I said she has lived up to her name and she really has! I Don't believe that it will end with just her delivery but from this day forward we begin our journey. I truly believe our Journee is a gift from God. I don't even know where to start with this story. Friday, June 28th 2019, I started having light contractions. I had just turned 36 weeks on this day; therefore, I wasn't to concerned because I been having light contractions on and off throughout the day. I was working on my last orders for the month and the contractions started to get more frequent and hurt so bad that I had to cancel one of the orders. by 12:00 that night my mom came and got the boys and I headed to the hospital. They checked me to see if I had dilated. I just knew that I was at least 4-5 centimeters. NO, I was only 1-2 centimeter. Because I was so early and I had not dilated they decided to stop my labor. They wanted my to carry her for a least one more week. They gave me an IV and started me on blood pressure pills to get my contractions to space out. IT DIDN'T WORK! I was still having contractions but I still wasn't dilating. So they kept me so they could monitor my progress. I stayed at the hospital from Friday until Sunday afternoon. My contracts had slowed down but they did not completely stopped and I still was not dilating.

Once I got home, I took a shower and laid down for a little. Soon as I got up and sat back down I heard a pop. I knew that my water had broke. Out of 4 kids I never had my water break on its own so I called my mom, my sis, my best friend trying to figure out if this was my water that broke. It happened around 8pm. I waited to call my doctor until 11pm because I wanted to make sure it wasn't false labor and real this time. We got to the hospital around 12:00 and they checked to see if my water broke and it did indeed break! They had no choice but to keep me. I had to go through another IV pack before I could get an epidural which I was real lucky because I got mine when I was only 3 centimeters which means I was hardly in any pain and I asked them if i should wait, felt like I was cheating or something LOL but my nurse said," why suffer when you don't have to." I had the epidural around 1 am and I just knew she would be here by 5 am and Thomas said 4 am. WRONG, every time they checked me I was still at 3 centimeters! 5 am passed 6,7,8,9,10, and still no baby! At this point, a whole 10 hours passed and my body still was not moving!

They finally broke the rest of my water around 10:30 and started giving me more Pitocin to make my contractions stronger. Finally at 12pm, 12 hours later, I was ready to push and when I started pushing I wasn't a full 10 centimeters, I was 9. Soon as she told me to push I started crying it was crazy she wasn't even here yet but I was already in tears! Just thinking about the little girl I have been praying for, is finally coming. All I wanted was for her to be okay. All I can remember was me praying and pushing. I believed I pushed a good 5-6 times and she was here! I was soooo over joyed when they laid her on me. I couldn't believe it was real and my tears wouldn't stop flowing.

All the test results where they said she may have down syndrome, she may have tri and won't live after birth, she may come super early, she had cyst in her brain, all these crazy things they told me, she came out beautiful and wonderfully made!!! 5 pounds 7 oz 18 inches long HEALTHY BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I tell you God is AMAZING, he is AMAZING!!!! you can NEVER believe man, but what did God say????? He said you will have a daughter and she will be healthy!!!!!! She came at 36 weeks and 2 days and got to go home with me! Not one thing that they said came to pass! NOT ONE! I never lost hope and never doubted God! I put every ounce of trust in him and He did not fail me or her!

So wrapped up in her beauty I wasn't even thinking about myself. I was loosing a lot of blood. I begin not to feel so well, very light headed and nauseous and all I can remember is around 10 doctors running into my room. My husband holding my hand telling me I am going to be okay and blood flowing out of me like I was a waterfall! I didn't cry, I didn't panic, I didn't move. I instantly started praying and speaking in tongue over my life. All I could see was Journee and I didn't want to leave this earth just yet! She needs me and my boys need me! They rush me to another room where I could be monitored and where they could get my bleeding under control. I laid and rested for a good hour and then a nurse would check on me and she had to press down on my stomach to make sure my bleeding had stopped. Soon as she did that it started back up again. Now I was scared for my life. I had no clue how much blood I had even left in me! My blood pressure went sky high, my heart rate was beyond low and I was feeling cold. I kept saying I just want my mother Rico and my mother were about to walk in the room and I remember seeing my mom. I looked at her and said," Mom, I'm afraid." Her response was, no need to fear, GOD HAS YOU! At that moment she touched my hand, I felt a peace and knew that I was going to be okay. It took several hours but they finally got my bleeding under control.

They put me on meds of course to stop all the bleeding and motioned my blood levels over the night. I went from this happy place to where i couldn't even be left alone with Journee because I may pass out. It hurt so bad not being able to touch her. by Wednesday, I was so ready to go home but I wanted to make sure I was in good health. they gave me the option of a blood transfusion or to get iron through my IV and take iron pills everyday for 6 months. i decide to go with the iron through my IV but if i had to get the blood transfusion, I would to save my life. At this point, all that mattered to me was able to go home to my family. I was scared because my husband had to go to work the next day so I chose to stay at my mom house in case something happened. Can I say I have one amazing mom! I just love her so much that's one woman I know I can depend on no matter what! Sorry I know that was random but i just needed to say that!

Recovery went very well and better then what I thought. I really thought I would be overwhelm with all the boys home alone with a newborn but I came home and didn't miss a beat. The boys have been wonderful! They love Journee but they rather play games in their rooms. LOL They have made it real easy for me and I am truly thankful for them because this is an adjustment for everyone. After everything that has happen in my pregnancy, before and after, it was all worth it! Seeing Journee face was worth it all! I thank God for her! I thank God for everything I went through! It is all for a reason and I learned a long time ago never to ask why me? Why not me is the question?

"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him."

Journee Sage



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