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Halfway To Wine (20 weeks)

I'm growing a human. What did you do today?

5 months (20 weeks) and I am almost at the finish line, thank you God! It has been a very long 5 months. From getting up every two mins to go to the bathroom at night, not being able to catch my breathe when walking up the steps, sore feet, and having an aching back! I have to keep reminding myself I prayed for this baby. My boys were so easy, carrying Jounree on the other hand, is taking me on a real life journey. I'm so ready to see her beautiful chocolate face. Four more months; but until then, I am on light bedrest. It is so hard for me because I am so active. I am always doing things, especially playing with my boys and now I can't do anything.

Embrace the process

When I went to my 15 week appointment, I found out that I had Placenta Previa, which is when the placenta attaches inside the uterus but near or over the cervical opening. Symptoms include vaginal bleeding in the second half of pregnancy, associated with pain. Complications may include placenta accreta, dangerously low blood pressure, or bleeding after delivery. Complications for the baby may include fetal growth restriction. On top of that, I'm also at high risk because Kingston was born at 36 weeks, which means Journee can come even earlier! So many things played in my head when my doctor broke all these things down to me. All I could think of is that my daughter is going to be one amazing little girl. Talking to my mom and my hubby helped a lot. I am trying not to worry and to keep my faith in God. One thing that stuck with me, was when my mom told me God did not give me the desire of my heart for no reason. That statement encouraged me. It made me realize and believe that everything will be ok. GOD has ME!

James 1:6 (NIV)

But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

It's hard when you don't know what's going on inside of you and it is so easy to worry about the what if's but, at those moments is when I turn on my praise music and go into prayer. Nobody is going to get me through all of this but God. Because of my condition, I had to stop working which was very hard for me because I am so independent and so use to making a steady income. But, I have to do what is best for my baby. Being home has really given me more time to focus on relaxing, spending more time with my boys, working on my blog, and also Sweet Treats. You never know why God wants you to sit down. But, I'm so ready for whatever he has for me and I am going to take this time to really focus on what God wants me to do and not what I want to do.

Outside of all of that, I truly enjoy being pregnant again. It has been 7 years since I have carried a baby and I actually forgot everything that comes along with it. What I do know is that every pregnancy is total different! Being able to carry life again after having so many issues trying to conceive is truly a blessing. I wouldn't take anything back. What I have learned is that everything is in Gods timing and in his plan. I'm just patiently waiting for my full glass of WINE and to finally get to hold my little girl that I have been praying for!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV)

3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Journee 20 weeks



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