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*HighFalls Camping Trip*

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Our first camping trip was so much FUN! I was really worried about going because I am a true girly girl and I hate the heat, I am EXTREMELY scared of BUGS! I don't do well sleeping on anything other than a bed and I HATE public bathrooms! I really did not know how this was going to turn out. My mother always talked about her camping days as a teenager in Anchorage Alaska so, I have always wondered what camping was like. Since I am a mother of boys, I thought camping would be a very cool experience for them and me as well. It was a major success! I had so many people reach out wanting to know about our trip so, I decided to blog all the information about it. I also made two vlogs on YouTube so you can see what we experienced everyday in the wilderness.

We were suppose to go to Stone Mountain Park, but I decided to look into other parks and their prices. After much consideration, I decided on HighFalls Park.  https://gastateparks.org/HighFalls I had never heard of this park before. Their prices were decent and it was only 50 minutes from my home. I decided on renting Yurts instead of tents because they look super cool and I thought they would have AC! Silly me, it didn't lol. But some yurts do depending on which park you go to. Actually, at night, it was fairly cool inside the yurt. During the day, it was cooler outside the yurt. You will see the pictures below of how they look inside.

Once we arrived, we decided to go swimming, well the boys did. I actually wanted to get right into the camping mode and go hiking. Unfortunately, soon as they saw a pool, it was over. The pool at the park was $5 a person! The price is not bad, but when you have four kids that $5 adds up. They give you a wrist band  so you can leave in and out of the pool area. The band last for the whole day until the pool facility closes. I allowed the boys to swim for a good hour and then I was ready to go hiking.

The trail descends through wooden platforms along the river, catching BEAUTIFUL sites of the huge, whitewater-filled waterfall. The trail is about 1.2 miles. It wasn't long at all.

The water was so beautiful and the hike was very peaceful. I actually thought the boys would complain about the hike. They have never been hiking before. But, they were very excited! You can easily get lost on the trail. For safety, they have marked the trees. I believe once the sun goes down, there is no way you can make it out! As we walked further in, we decided to turn around because it did start to look kind of scary. There wasn't anybody on the trail. Everyone was more interested in looking at the water fall. I still wonder what we would of seen if we kept going. I believe it was a big circle, but the boys thought we were in some kind of scary movie. LOL, so we turned around. 

They had many pathways that go close to the waterfall so you can take pictures and to stick your feet in the water. Some people even got in! There is a sign that tells hikers to stay off the rocks and no swimming. The whole experience was really amazing. I have been hiking before but, to go with the boys and to see their reaction was one of those Kodak moments. It's FREE no charge to go on the trail so that is a plus. After hiking, it started getting dark so we headed back to our yurt to prepare for dinner. I packed burgers and fires, chips, and baked beans, juice and WINE for me! Can't forget that! LOL and some snacks for the boys. Their all time favorite, everything you need to make SMORES!

We had two places we could cook at the yurt, so we had everything going at one time. Dinner was ready in no time. There is nothing better then burgers and hot dog from the grill! After we ate, we made smores and everyone sat around and told scary stories. The boy were super funny. After the scary stories, we called it a night. I couldn't sleep. I was on bug watch all night long! For some crazy reason bugs always land on me! It's like they can tell I'm scared of them or something. I got at least three hours of sleep that night, SMH.

The next day we all got up. The boys showered and got dressed. Yes, they showered and no I did not! I just could not see myself going into a public shower! I could not wrap my mind around the idea of it so, I passed on the shower. LOL We were going home in a couple of hours so, I figured I would be fine until then. Oh yea, we cheated for breakfast! We had McDonald's!

Before we left I had the best idea to go canoeing. Call me crazy but, I wanted my boys to experience things that I have never done. Although I did a lot of traveling as a child and still now, I have never been canoeing. The boys weren't scared at all! BUT ME, it was a whole different story. We got out in the lake and I almost had a anxiety attach. We were close by a water fall and I just knew we were going to get caught in the current and go down the water falls because I did not know how to get the boat to turn. It was just too much pressure for a mom, you know? All I could think of was how am I going to save everyone plus myself? We got the boat to turn and it really turned out to be a scary but fun experience. The boys loved it! That is all that mattered. The boat ride didn't cost much at all. It depends on the type of boat and the amount of time you want to rent it. I was able to rent two boats for $20 for 1 hour and one hour wasn't enough. It took us half that time to figure out how to get the boat to move! LOL Next time, we will do two hours.

I never thought I would go on a camping trip but, it was well worth it. I would definitely go again. We are going to make this a yearly trip but, to different parks.

*Click link below to see part one and two of our trip on YouTube

https://youtu.be/kNP-z0etWgA Part 1

https://youtu.be/NKRFfsb1k-0 Part 2



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