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MAK's Quarantine Paint Party

Every child is an artist

I decided to do a blog on MAKs birthday party because I had so many people reach out to me about it. It was literately so last minute, it was not what we had planned at all. I actually had a different theme in mind before I thought about the paint party.

When I made my Spring Break Schedule I decided to change his party to something that would coincided with my Monday schedule. I wasn't to sure about having a paint party because of my boys. I just wasn't sure if they would enjoy it. I know how my boys can be! But, they really had a good time. Everything turned out really amazing, way better than I expected. I can pat myself on the back for this one because even though he couldn't invite anyone over and we couldn't go anywhere, I made sure I made the best out of our situation. During this quarantine, all we can do is make the best out of a critical time. No quarantine isn't easy and it isn't always fun but we can make the best out of it. You can get up everyday mad about it or you can make it a really good experience.

To assist you with your very own paint party:

Below I have pictures and also links to where I got all my supplies from. Hope you guys enjoy Also, if you have a paint party, please send me some of your pictures! I love it when you guys share your experiences.

The Table

I ordered the Canvas set on Amazon . I thought that it was really simple and easy because they have the pictures already drawn on them. All the kids have to do is paint the pictures. They had 7 different picture packs to pick from. The one I picked was a sports pack. The pack also comes with the paint and some brushes. If you have more than one child painting, there's wasn't enough brushes in the pack. If you don't have any extra bushes at home, you can order more.

The center piece also came from Amazon. I googled printable paint party toppers and I cut out the paint brushes and put them on the table and the sweet table. Table cloth and mini red cups that I put water in came from Publix.

The Sweets

The beautiful and tasty treats were made by a good friend of mine Sleek Sweets.

Please be sure to follow her IG page.

The Aprons

These aprons were really cute! They came from Amazon, in a pack of 12. Two colors of each and they fit perfect for kids.

The Picture board

Thank God for the artist in my family! I sent the picture to my wonderful mom and she made it it two days with just cardboard and paint SHE IS AMAZING!

The Kids Drinks

Thomas made the kids drinks. He does a SUPER JOB! This is something he really enjoys doing.

We just bought a strawberry daiquiri mix (NO ALCOHOL) added ice and candy.

He made a cute sugar rim by dying the sugar with food color and there you go!

Hope this blog helps all that want information about having a Paint party.

Lets get creative during this time. If you need any help, just let me know. Were all in this together!

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