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Mama Needs A Break

My time alone is for everyone's safety, LOL...

We as mothers deal with a lot on a daily bases, especially my amazing single mothers! They have double then what married women go through. But unfortunately, there are some married women who still do everything.

I have always thought that it was very important to always have a time to myself. Dealing with four boys everyday after working all day can be extremely draining. A lot of times, I don't want to be bothered and I drive home with no radio just silence peace and quite. Because once I hit that door, that's it! There will be no more silence, peace or quite until everyone goes to bed and by the time their in the bed, I'm exhausted so, I really have no me time.

I am truly blessed because I get a break every other weekend when my boys leave to go with their dads. Many women do not get that. It is very important that you make time for you. Even if it's 30 minutes to an hour take time to breathe, to pray, to get your nails done, take a walk, go see a movie, or spend time with some friends. Nothing is worse then having a mother that is mad, angry, on ten everyday yelling and screaming. You have to take care of you. If your not good, how can you be good for your kids, for your husband, your boyfriend and for your job? There is nothing wrong with having me time. I count down to every other weekend because that's my time.

When your mind is at peace, your a whole different person. When were dealing with kids and your frustrated it makes the whole house miserable. Have you ever heard the statement, "As long as she's happy everyone's happy," that's a true statement. The whole house will feel momma's raft when she is tired, worn out, frustrated, and mad, even the pets. If your not in a situation where you have a sitter schedule a bedtime and put those kids to sleep don't allow them to stay up all night to run you crazy. Put their butts to bed. Run you a warm milk bath, light some candles, pour a glass of wine and RELAX! It truly makes a BIG difference.

BREAKS allow us to think our own thoughts for once. WE NEED BREAKS!

I might need a break to use the bathroom without someone watching me, or go to the store without everyone asking me for thousands of things to the point I forget what I even went to the store for. BREAKS allows me to play my music in the car and ride in peace and not have to keep yelling those famous word, "sit down, turn around, stop hitting your brother, stop looking at your brother, keep your hand inside the window before it falls off! WE NEED BREAKS not because we are bored or restless or just want to have fun, but because we put everything we have into our families, our kids, our pets, our jobs and our husbands that by the end of the day, we have nothing left for ourselves and of ourselves.

A car can run on fumes for only so long. It needs to be refilled or it will stop running. You as a mother can't continue to be everything to everybody, eventually you will break down. You need to take time for yourself, to rejuvenate, to pray, to get your thoughts together so you won't get depressed and lose yourself. WE NEED BREAKS to make sure you are not lost while trying to hold everything together. So, to all my sisters TAKE A BREAK!!!! your kids don't need a prefect mom they need a happy one.

"You can't pour from a empty cup...take care yourself"
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