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Mommin'It Of The Month

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Allison Harrell

I know a lot of people may think that I picked Allison because she's my best friend. That maybe half the reason, but the other half is because I've known this amazing momma for 20 years. I seen her grow into the beautiful woman that she is today.

"Never say its impossible, have faith and never give up on your dreams"

Allison was born and raised in Atlanta and she recently married her soulmate two years ago. They have 3 beautiful kids together .She has a full time job and is a full time momma. A lot of us can relate to that right? I picked Allison as my first momma of the month because I remember one evening I came to her house and she had just got off work. She was cooking dinner, rocking a newborn, doing homework with her 5 year old, and washing clothes. This woman never amaze me...... I mean what can't we do?

Despite her childhood and everything she went though in her past, she overcame it all. Many may have thought she wouldn't be much, God had a different plan for her life. I look up to her in many ways. I am sooooo proud of her and I am so happy to call her my best friend, my sister. She is now a full time student in school, just moved into her dream home, and is happy as ever.. I love to see woman win, happy, and in love. She doesn't have to show the world or prove to people that she really does have it going on. That's what I love about her the most. She's humble enough to know she's far from prefect, confident enough to know she can do anything she sets her mind to.

​Allison's Favorite Quote:

" Faith is in the Promise for you to access the promise" -Bill Watson

Thank you Allison for being an Amazing Momma

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