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Mommin'It Of The Month

Cortney Everett

At 29, Courtney is a single mother to her 10 year old son Bryce. Juggling a full time job as an Administrative Assistant at Gwinnett Medical Center and taking care of her son has not always been easy. She is amazing! The relationship she has with her son can be felt whenever you are around the two of them. Courtney and Bryce enjoys going to the movies and most of all, going out to eat trying new eateries. Courtney will soon be pursuing a career in Surgical Technologist where she wants to be more hands on in the medical field.

"Dealing with daily struggles made it hard for me to get up every morning", stated Courtney. "I was not happy with the way life was going. I hated the job I had at that time and it was overwhelming trying to juggle work, a child and a relationship. Right when I thought I was about giving up, things in my life started to fall in place. I started getting calls for interviews and hearing back about better employment opportunities. My son started doing better in school, and my relationship began to flourish. I knew I had to thank someone for everything that was happening and that was God! I wanted to get back into church so I decided to visit my childhood church, Word of Faith. It always seems when you start going back to church you hear a word that pertain directly to you, it was as if the message was prepared for your arrival. Well I did hear from God that day. I knew that I needed to invite Christ back into my life. Since then, things have been going great! I still may have a few bumps in the road but nothing I can not handle because I have God as my strength! I know what I want for my life and I truly believe in time God will reveal how and when I will obtain it."

One of my favorite quotes from Bishop Dale C. Bronner is “Whatever obtains and maintains your attention will ultimately change your life”. Hearing those word pierced my heart and changes my whole outlook on life. Keeping God first, having a positive mind and surrounding myself with positive, uplifting people will always keep me steered in the right direction.

Courtney you are hopeful, fearless, and a woman of God

and for this reason I crown you Momma of the month.

Thank You for being an AMAZING momma!


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