• Marissa

New Year...New Vision

"You must have a vision before it can manifest"

It is so important to start your year off in the right direction. But, how do you know which direction to go, if you don't have vision and a plan. Every year we start off making promises to ourselves and committing to things we want to change in our lives for the new year. I promise, I have made a new years resolution every year since I was a teenager. The only problem is, I have never kept my word on anything! Last year, I did a whole blog on writing your vision and making it plain and my family and I made vision boards together for the first time. I really want to teach my boys how important it is to have goals and how important it is to not only have a vision but to have direction and planning so they can work towards accomplishing their goals. So, we did it again this year! Even though everything on our old vision boards may not have been accomplished, it just means we need to work a little harder this year and add it onto the new board. This year, we headed to my moms house and made it a family event. We had food, music, and Rico even brought his girlfriend to join us as well. This was her first time creating a vision board. We had a lot of fun yet at the same time we each put a lot of thought into our visions. Creating a vision board is something that I think is very important for mothers to teach their children and this can be a really great bonding time and a way to communicate with your children to see what they want to accomplish in life.

I decided to do the theme "New Year New Vision" because every year I believe you should be working on something to better your life and your families life. Whether you complete everything on your board or not, you should always be working towards something and never at a stand still in life. Many of us get stuck or confused on why things aren't happening. We find ourselves going in circles and not understand why we are not progressing and we spend a lot of time working on things that are not going to better our lives. That is why it is so important to have a vision board. The vision board helps you to stay focus and on track so that you will not easy be distracted. When you hang your board up and you see that you are not accomplishing anything, it means you need to reevaluate, adjust and get back on track and focused!

This year I decided that it was my year of "restoration" The act of restoring; renewal, revival, or reestablishment. God literally put that in my spirit as I was writing this blog. It is time for me to restore a lot of things in my life. I went through so much last year with losing my job, a rough pregnancy and labor, my health, my marriage. But this year, I just want to learn from it all. I thank God for allowing me to make it through it all and use everything I went through to make me a better person this year


If you have not already started a vision board, go get some poster boards, magazines, markers, and anything you can think of to make your vision board. Gather your children and other family members if you wish and create your vision for the new year. They may not understand the concept at first, my youngest son King is seven and he is still trying to understand. But trust me the older they get, they start understanding the importance of the process of having a vision and making it plain. They will be thanking you for teaching them how to set goals for their lives. I thank my mother to this day for teaching me to have goals. It made me into the woman I am today.

"Believe in your vision and do EVERYTHING you can to turn it into reality"

Our 2020 Vision Boards



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