• Marissa

Pretty Brown Skin

Dipped in Chocolate, Bronzed in Elegance, Enameled with Grace, Toasted with Beauty. My Lord, She's a Black Woman!

I decided to write this blog after having an interesting conversation with my oldest son. Bless his heart. His statement was "I only date light skin girls because all light skin girls look good". Mind you, he has a beautiful chocolate momma! So, I was confused about what he was trying to say. In his mind and a lot of people, only light skin woman are considered beautiful. I quickly responded to my son and told him how foolish he sounded. It was to my surprise that things have not changed much over the years. Society has really conditioned us to believe that black is ugly.

I pulled my phone out and I showed him all the beautiful, dark brown, black and chocolate women that I know and/or follow on social media. Their careers range from Politicians, Business Owners, High Fashion Models, Business Executives, Newscasters to Stay Home moms. Each one beautiful and confident in their own dark skin. I told him there is nothing wrong with being attracted to a light skin woman. Everyone has a certain type of person that they are physically attracted to. It is okay to have your preferences but, not at the expense of degrading the worth and value of another person's physical characteristics. I told him that as you get older, he will soon realize that it is not your skin color that makes you beautiful but, who you are as a person. What makes you who you are? It is a combination of your morals, values, and character. The way that he stated what he said, was very hurtful to me.

He apologized for how he said his statement. But, he didn't understand why I was so hurt by what he said. I told him how growing up as a dark skin girl, was not easy, for me. I had a beautiful light skin mom and also my sister, who is light skin. Yet, here I was this chocolate little girl walking around with them and nobody ever believed I was my moms child. All because of the color of my skin! They would ask her if she was babysitting. My mother would get so upset and quick come to my defense. Yet, still they never did believe I was her daughter. Why, because of the color of my skin. In school, everyone thought I was my sisters friend. Why, because of the color of my skin! Even though my father is a dark skin man. It was so crazy! We were a family but no one acknowledge the fact that my father was a dark skin man and from my father, I inherited his skin tone. All they could see was my light skin mother and sister; therefore, I must be somebody else child.

My skin was always an issue to me while growing up. I wanted to be lighter even though my mother would always tell me how beautiful I was. I did not believe it. I would sit and just question God,"Why did I have to be dark skin?" I felt so ugly. I was so sick and tired of hearing guys say they only date light skin girls. When I asked them why? They would reply light skin girl are FINE! Because of hearing that so much, I thought that they were so beautiful and I was not! But as I grew older, I became wiser. I thank God, for given me knowledge and wisdom. I thank Him for me! I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image! It wasn't until I found out who I was in Christ Jesus and I began to love me for me, that my opinion of myself changed. I love every inch of myself, from top of my head to the soles of my feet! I am BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENT in my chocolate skin. What is amazing, my confidence shows but, now I hear men say to me, "You look good to be a dark skin woman!" WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?" I still to this day can't figure out what that means! I am so grateful that today we see more dark skin women in commercials, leading major roles in movies, holding prominent positions in government. We see dark skin dolls and top models known for their dark black beautiful skin. Yet, ignorance is still alive and society still has infected our minds to believe that the lighter your skin the more beautiful you are.

My skin doesn't define who I am! God has defined me!

I am so in love with my chocolate skin! You can not tell me anything to make me feel any different. Society has made people believe that its better to be light skin than dark. That kind of mindset is beyond ignorant! Especially, when there are so many amazing beautiful dark chocolate woman in this world! So to all us BEAUTIFUL DARK SKIN MOMMA'S, BE CONFIDENT IN WHO YOU ARE! LOVE YOUR PRETTY BROWN SKIN!



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