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Quarantine is spelled C-A-M-P-I-N-G

I googled my symptoms.Turns out I just needed to go camping...

We been in the house for so long, I decided it would be a good idea to get the kids out the house for a couple of days. Although everything has opened back up, I really haven't opened back up yet! LOL

But, I believe it would be safe to take the boys and I can't leave out Journee. Yes, we are going camping. A lot of you have reached out to me and wanted to know where we went.

I was waiting to write this blog before I told you guys so here it is, High Falls State Park. This is our second time going to High Falls State Park. We went two years ago but this time we stayed longer and I was much more prepared. To stay two nights, I'm going to let you know everything that you need to know about going camping and what you need to bring to make your camping experience more pleasant.

We stayed a Yurts again because I just can not get into the whole tent thing yet. So, you may want to call it Glamping, LOL but it still give you the feel of camping, but not as rustic as a tent. They come with a bunk beds. Both beds are queen size and a pull out couch as well. You have a table for dinning, a fan and that's it! They do have restrooms and showers but, they are public. Due to the the corona virus, I was not going to allow my family to use a public restroom or shower so I went online and ordered a couple of things. I ordered a pop up tent to made a portable restroom, to take showers and change clothes. I'm not sure if it was against the rules to have this but I brought it anyways. During the day we had it on the back pouch and at night we brought it inside. I also bought a portable camping toilet to go inside the pop up tent. It came with disposable bags so you do not have to bring extra ones unless you want to. These items made me feel more comfortable. Some people may not want to use the restroom in a pop up tent but, it felt more safe then going into a public restroom.

I also bought a portable shower. they used the shower head to wash off. We had to hold the water bag ourselves. How to use the portable shower wasn't really thought out but next time we will have it down pack LOL.

Also taking a baby or toddler camping can be challenging. But here are a few tips to make it easier. I got Journee a net to put around her stroller for when we were outside to keep the mosquitoes and bugs away from her. She also had her play pin. The play pin was important as well so you don't have to hold your baby/toddler the whole time. I wouldn't trust letting Journee crawl on the floor. A baby carrier for hiking, and LOTS of snacks.

Below I would have a MUST HAVE list when your going camping...

Another thing we did this time to save time was prepared the food before we went. I thought that it was a really cool idea! We made everything and wrapped each item in foil. When it was time to cook, we just put them on the grill to heat it up. Trust this will save you sooooo much time and energy. Of course we made S more's and also made Campfire Cinnamon rolls.


This was the first year the boys went fishing! They were so excited at first until they realized it takes a lot of patience's to fish. Clearly they didn't have any at all. It didn't take long for their impatience attitude kicked in. They were not to happy because they didn't catch any fish. I even said,"If you can get at least one fish, I will give you $20!" But, nobody could do it. Maybe next time. SMH...It was still a really good experience for them. I got all our fishing gear from Walmart.


We went hiking again and this time we made it further than last time. We still turned around halfway! LOL I'm not going to blame the kids this time,I was tired of walking! We did see some interesting things. Just be on the look out were you walk and wear a cap because we ran into two snakes and a very larger spider. I have never seen a spider like it before in my life! The cap will keep the spiders and bug out of your hair. Overall, the hike was lovely and nice and it's always nice to see the beautiful waterfalls.


We didn't get a chance to go boating this year but, we all still had a really good time. Journee did amazing and the boys were so happy to get a break out of the house for a couple of days. O, I forgot to mention, we Lysol and wiped down the whole place before the kids could even come in!! LOL seriously! I am that type of mamma! LOL We will continue to make this a yearly thing for us and maybe some of you guys can too.

Camping List



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