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Quovdis Newson

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. and raised by my wonderful mother. I am the second oldest of 5 children. I attended school in Clayton County and that is where I met my husband of almost 12 years. Last year my family and I moved to Tennessee for my husband’s job and life has taken off ever since we moved. I have been working at an insurance company in Nashville as a receptionist for the past year. In 2017 I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Management and I am currently working on my master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management. I also have so much fun with my business “Lady Q’s Jewels” selling jewelry and meeting a lot of great new people and writing on my blog Lady Q’s Corner. I also teach, as well as, minister mime and dance with my family. It gives me so much joy. I love learning and doing things to better myself and my family’s future. I think success is something that comes in strides. For me, there is no stopping point for success because I believe the moment I feel that I have succeeded, I would get complacent and not strive for greater things. However, I do feel that there can be many accomplishments along the way. My accomplishments in school have been some of my greatest successes so far. I have endured sickness and major losses throughout the process, but I still made it through. We recently closed on our first home, which was such a huge accomplishment for us. It was one of the greatest highlights of my life.

I became a mother 13 years ago when I gave birth to my oldest child Quentin. My husband and I were young and struggled a lot financially. But I would not change a thing. I enjoyed every smile and adventure that came along with being a mom. I can remember staring into his big beautiful gray eyes in awe of how handsome he is and that I was finally a mom. He made me want to have more children to share my love with. A year later we got married and started to talk about adding to our family. We wanted a little girl so badly. Two years later we finally had our beautiful baby girl Rashiya. She really challenged me as a mom because she came into this world and went through some really scary moments the first few months of her life with the worst case of acid reflux. It was so bad I can remember lying awake at night fearing for her life. But she pulled through and we felt that we could handle anything if we survived that. I am forever grateful that I was able to be a stay at home mom for both of my children during their first years. As our kids got older, we constantly talked about experiences we wanted them to have and trips we wanted them to take. I wanted them to be able to do all the things I never got a chance to do. So far, I think I have done okay with keeping that promise. I love to surprise them with all sorts of things and see the smiles on their face. It is the greatest feeling in the world.

There are many things that I have struggled with since becoming a mother. Most of these struggles did not come until I became a mother of two. I suffered postpartum depression and I wondered if I was loving both of my children equally. Was I always being fair to the both of them? What did my kids think of me as a mom? These are things that I still struggle with today. Some of my biggest struggles were when our son was diagnosed with ADHD and when my daughter was bullied in school. With my son’s ADHD I often wondered if there was something we did or didn’t do that caused it. During times when he has some behavioral issues and I would always ask myself what is it that I can do to help him. I wrestle with “Am I being too hard on him or not hard enough”. Today I feel that we have a pretty good handle on helping to manage his ADHD but sometimes the feedback that we get from others with their opinions on having a child with ADHD can be overwhelming! On top of that our daughter, being bullied was hard on us as parents. There were so many times I felt truly helpless! For 2 years she suffered physical and verbal abuse from kids at school. I went through all the proper channels that they tell you are available if your child is being bullied but nothing helped. She was scared to go to school and questioned her value and worth. I felt as though I was failing as a mom. But with my family and support system, we pulled through it. I was so relieved that she had an AMAZING school year this year! Having a good support system has been my saving grace as a mom. It truly does take a village!

I believe everything in my life happens for a reason and it may or may not be meant for me. I feel that I can help others with my experiences whether good or bad. Ecclesiastes 3:1

If I had to think of something that I want other mothers to know about me, it would be I have the softest spot in my heart for what people would call a “problem children” or a “bad child”. I feel there is no such thing as a bad child, because at the root of their behavior, there is a cause and their actions are the effect. I feel that solving the cause and showing them a little TLC will help them go a long way. I believe, if parents or people in general looked at things this way, far less children would get into trouble. The other thing I think I want others to know about me is that I live my life in front of my kids. I let them see me struggle and win. I let them see me get sick and God heal me. I let them watch me have a disagreement and makeup or work through it. This is because I want them to know life is not always going to be perfect, but they can get through anything if they stay strong and keep God first!

Quovdis you are a strong woman, a phenomenal wife, and one amazing momma.

For this reason,

I crown you Spotlight Momma


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