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#Summertrip On A Budget

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Summer Summer Time......

Summer time is here and I know a lot of single mothers or families who may just don't have it don't travel much. I take my boys on a vacation every year and I just started doing this because I'm just getting to a place finically where I can afford to. This year I decided to take them to Panama Beach Florida. I love it here because the ride is only 4 hours. So I don't have to hear "are we there yet?" every 5 minutes.

“This is so Beautiful thank you Jesus.”

I remember the first time Marshaun seen the ocean he said " This is beautiful thank you Jesus". It made me cry. Just hearing how thankful he was just to see an ocean made my day because so many people don't get to experience that. I told myself that every year that I would take my boys on a trip big or small were going. When they grow up I didn't want them to ever say I've never been out of Atlanta. So I wanted to share how I plan a #summertrip on a budget.

How I plan

I normally book on Booking.com or Hotels.com and both sites are really good if you get so many points by using them you get free nights. I book a year in advance because most of the hot summer places are booked real fast because a lot of people are traveling. On both sites you can find hotels that don't require a payment until the day you check in. Which is a major plus because you can book and then save until its time for your trip.

I like to find hotels that have full kitchens in them. This also helps out a lot, write a meal list for your vacation go to the store and buy everything that you would need to cook. Only thing you may have to buy once you get there is milk and eggs. I always cook breakfast and lunch and then we eat out for dinner but whichever works best for you and your budget. Having a kitchen saves so much money.

Another thing that helps a lot is taking your own car if you are able to I would so recommend it. I learn this the hard way when we went on vacation last year. I spent $500 on a rental never again. so if you have a good running car and it has enough room for you and your family save your money and take your own car.

A couple of other things that I do to save money on our trips is I pack lunches and snacks and drinks for the road. I think most people do this but if not it's another good way to save money. So the only time we stop is for a bathroom break. and lastly for all activities I use Groupon.com and TripAdvisor.com now you can never go wrong with either of these. Groupon is good if you don't mind paying up front. They both have amazing deals for like water sports, activities for the kids wherever your at both websites are a must. They will also help you save a lots of money. comment below and let me know somethings that you do to save money for your family vacations.

"Sandy toes and salty kisses..... It's summer time"

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