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Journee Sage

I am still in disbelief that I am going to be a mother of 5, four boys and a girl! After having four boys, I figured I would never have a daughter. God had other plans! I have been keeping most of my personal life off social media due to horrible experiences in the past. Once I met my husband, I decided I would keep something to myself. The old Marissa would say “New boo!” LOL. It was time to grow up! My husband and I dated for one year and we married several months after he proposed on my birthday. Only close friends and family knew about our wedding. For once, it felt good to have all my business to myself. But after finding out I was having Journee, I couldn’t keep my secret anymore. God has just been so good and I wanted to share my blessing with other women who have experience the same thing of wanting a girl and always getting the boy, and women who have had miscarriages.

It has always been my desired to have a daughter. I always prayed about her. I would dream about her and I could actually see what she would look like. Funny, every time I got pregnant, I would say whatever is in your will God and he blessed me with a boy, EVERY TIME. I was thankful and grateful EVERY TIME. Nobody could ever take the place of my boys. Each one of them are my special gift from heaven and each one of them have brought so much joy to my life.

On many occasions we had discussions of having a child together once we got married. I did not think that it would be possible. I had two miscarriages and I became sad and depressed. Yet, at the same time I knew if it was in Gods will, I would be able to carry a baby again in His time and in the right season.

It is somewhat hilarious because we actually stop trying. We weren't planning on having a baby at this time. It just wasn’t in our plan right now. We both had released it and put it out of our minds. We just could not take the hurt and disappointment of losing another child. So when my pregnancy test came back positive, I was shocked! I was so nervous. But, then when I made it past my first trimester, I shouted," Oh God this is for real!" I was beyond scared but I continued to trust God. I prayed every night for him to cover me and my baby. I could not bare another miscarriage. I really could not believe I was having another baby. All I could think about was this is my last baby it would be SO AMAZING God if you could bless me and my boys with a little girl! We would be so thankful for a son but we would be beyond thankful for a little girl.

We wanted to wait but, we were just too happy. We wanted to know what we were having so we scheduled an appointment to find out the gender early at this 3D/4D place in Duluth called https://www.sweetmiracles3d.com this place is really nice. My family and my husbands family came to join in our special moment. Once the technician said,"It's was a girl," both my husband and I could not stop smiling! I was like this can not be real! I am still carrying my baby and I am having a girl! All I could think about is how AMAZING God is. He will give you your heart desires as long as it is in His will and plan for your life. Not once did I ever think nor believe I would marry again or have a baby and it be a GIRL! WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!

I really wanted to share this with you because there are so many women who have had miscarriages not once but several times. I just want to encourage you. Never give up, never lose hope and never stop praying. I knew that if it was in His will, he would give me what I asked for and He did. I am beyond thankful for everything God has blessed me with and there is so much more to come and I can not wait!

I prayed for this child - 1 Samuel 1:27 (NIV)

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