• Marissa

Time to go back to school

"There's no tired like the first week back to school tired!"

Lord knows, I am sooooooo ready for school to start back! All my bills went up and all my food vanished within a couple of days! Yes, I do believe that kids and teachers should get a break, but I believe that it is very important to find free things for teens to do instead of being home all day playing "Fortnight" and eating up everything in the house. Going back to school can be extremely stressful or it can be stress free. I choose stress free! Of course, I had to learn the hard way. Because I have four kids, I had to learn how to organize my mornings. Especially when it comes to going back to school or we all would be running around the house looking crazy, everyone mad and sleepy!

First, for me, coffee..... In the morning, I have to get my mind together before I even think about going into one of those boys rooms. I give myself about 30 to 45 minutes to get up and get myself together. Most importantly, I turn on my inspirational music before I get them up. Over the years, I have learned who I can wake up first and who to wake up last. Zech is always first. He moves very slow and he hates getting up in the mornings. Rico is last, he doesn't have to be out the house until later. On Sundays, I try my HARDEST to get ALL clothes for the week ,for each child together. Everything is ironed and ready to put on. Ironing and looking for clothes the morning of, drives me absolutely crazy! I have no idea how people can function trying to find clothes and shoes, homework, eat breakfast, get the kids ready and get yourself ready for work on the same morning! This may work if you have one child, but because I have four, I would be late for work everyday!

I also have a Command Center in my house (see pictures below) this is another way I stay organized during school and it also works in the summer time as well. I cut back in the summer time and give them a little more freedom; but during school, year they have way more responsibility. I found the idea on "Pintrest", and they have different ways you can form your own Command Center. There are many different styles as well. You just need to structure it for your home. My Command Center is where the boys hang their book-bags, it is a paperwork station, chore wall and a communication board all in one. Trust me, this makes my life easier. My kids come home with thousand of things that they need to be signed and so I don't forget they leave anything that needs to be signed at the Center. I have an area in the Command Center set aside for them to put their papers that need to be signed, I sign the papers and I simply but the papers back in their book-bags that are hanging on the wall as instructed. This works for me! I'm not looking for book-bags and I don't have papers left everywhere or kids asking me to sign papers on the way to school. I also have a chore wall in the Command Center that assigns each one of them their daily duties.

The Command Center helps a lot as well when you have older kids because they can look at the chart to see what they have to get done before they can watch TV or etc. I also have a chalk board in the Center. Having a chalk bored helps because I leave motivational messages for them to read everyday; as well as, emergency numbers, reminders for the house and other little notations. This Center will change your life! I had to find something that worked for my house because at first I was all over the place. Trust me, when your organized your whole life is better and at the same time you are teaching your kids on how to be organized and structured.

Here are some tips for helping kids get ready for school faster:

1. Get breakfast ready at night

If your kids do not eat breakfast at school, prepare everything the day before and put it in an air tight containers and just heat it up in the morning or make sure you wake them up early enough for them to be able to sit and eat without being rushed.

2. Lay out their clothes the night before

this includes socks, shoes, belts , everything they need to get out the door.

3. Have everything in the bathroom ready for them

I actually put toothpaste on their brushes for them so they won't make a mess. I lay out their washcloths and everything that they need for their hair.

4. Have backpacks and school lunches ready the night before

I keep my boys book-bags at our Command Center. I pack their lunches the night before. If you can do the whole week, that would be amazing! Just put the day (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.) on each lunchbox and they can grab their boxes on the way out the door.

5. Keep their chores to a minimum in the morning

I only require my boys to make their beds in the morning. Once they get home, they can do the rest of their assigned chores for that day.


Just say NO!! No television, no phones, no tablets, no video games etc., These are nothing but a distraction in the mornings! I noticed that my boys would stop everything their doing in the mornings when the television is on. SO, I LEARN TO CUT IT OFF! It is amazing how differently they function without all the distractions. To be honest, turning off the television, staying off social media and phone in the morning has help me as well. We are focused on getting ready for school and nothing else. Once everything is done, and everybody is ready, while their waiting to sit in the living room and watch television until its time to leave.


Many people may not do this with their kids, but it will make their day much better and yours knowing that you all are covered by the mighty hand of God all day. We each say a morning prayer together and we actually say a quick prayer in the car before I drop each one of them off at their school.

Getting kids ready for school is about keeping things in the morning flowing in peace. ORGANIZATION makes your whole life easier! So, lets get ready and prepared mommas! School is about to start!



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