• Marissa

Write The Vision and Make It Plain

Write the vision and make it plain is a very important message. My pastor teaches this scripture on the last Sunday of each year. We can have all the goals in the world, plan them out in our heads, dream about them, talk to our friends and family about them, but if there is no plan and if you do not write them down, then it is just a fantasy. It's just a dream. Who wants to just dream? Not me! I have goals and visions that I have the desire to actually come true. My mother taught me at a young age the importance of not just having goals but, to actually write them down. I was also taught to always write the steps on how I would accomplish each goal and to mark each one off as I accomplished it. This is important so I could SEE what I accomplished throughout the year.

You should always hang your established goals on the wall so that you can see them each day. This helps you to visualize and review to see if you are sticking to your vision or are you off track and all over the place? If you find that you have strayed away from the established goals, it will help you to reevaluate and reestablish to get back on the right track.

Goals help you stay focused. Without them you are lost and you will find yourself going in circles never accomplishing anything. You will be living life with a come what may attitude and accepting a below average life. You will see years go by and constantly trying to figure out why nothing is changing or wondering why there is no growth in your life. It is never a good thing because you start feeling life a failure. A person with no goals or vision will not accomplish much!

Having monthly goal and yearly goals has helped me out a whole lot and when I do not have goals, I notice that I am not getting anything done! I find myself just living day to day.

“Similar to a vision, a vision statement is a personal vision that defines what you aspire to become. “It symbolizes your dreams and values and requires a balance of reason and intuition, which taps into your sense of purpose of life.

This past weekend my boys and I did our vision boards. I do one every year. This year I decided that it was time to teach them to do one as well. Encourage your children to set goals, write them down and establish how they plan to accomplish them. Let them know that If they do not have goals or a vision, they are just living a substandard life. They just don’t want to live day to day, but they should want to live life to be successful in everything that they do. Young men are to be leaders and the headship of their households. When they grow up and marry they will know how to lead their families. It is so important to begin to teach them at a young age, so they will be able to have a vision, clear direction and purpose driven goals for their families.

This was my children's first time making a vision board. It was funny how my two youngest boys were able to finished quickly and they knew what they wanted to accomplish this year. But, my two oldest boys were kind of confused about what they wanted. By the end of the weekend, they got it together. Although they did not understand the whole concept, one day they will understand how important it is to set goals and write the vision for their lives.

Your vision should always include the following seven areas:

1. Work and career

2. Finance

3. Recreation

4. free time

5. Health and fitness

6. Relationships

7. Personal goals

Vision board should also express the following:

Your purpose.

Your life’s dream.

Your core values and beliefs.

What you want for yourself.

What you want to contribute to others.

What you want to be.

Habakkuk 2:2: And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.



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